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The People Who Own The Dark (1976) Movie Review

May 8, 2011 in Movies

People Who Own The Dark Movie Review

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I’ve been looking for this movie for years.  Unfortunately, I didn’t want to pay $75-100 for an original VHS release at eBay.  Thanks to a friend, I finally got a chance to see it the other night.  It is a Spanish horror film directed by Leon Klimovksy in which Paul Naschy plays a small supporting role.

A group of wealthy businessmen and bureaucrats spend a night of debauchery in the bowels of an old castle.  They drink, party, perform various cult rituals, etc.  Unfortunately for them, a nuclear bomb explodes nearby.  Although they are shielded from the initial blast, they find the countryside to be in ruin when they emerge from the castle’s cellar.  Next, they have to decide what to do. Unfortunately, many of the survivors are succumbing to insanity in the wake of the attack.  A group of survivors decide they must escape.

Traveling to the nearest city, they find the city devastated.  Everyone living there is now blind.  Many have formed gangs that wage war against each other for resources.  As members of the surviving group gather resources, they draw the ire of a gang called “The People Who

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Own the Dark”.  As they take up shelter at a nearby house, they come under attack from the blind enraged townspeople.  Violence ensues and many in the group are killed.  Eventually, a couple from the group escape and find shelter with government agents.  That is when their real horror begins…

This movie has an interesting plot and I did appreciate the surprise ending.  That being said, there is just too little in the way of action.  The film is often been compared to Night of the Living Dead for some reason.  I suppose because it, like NOTLD, is about a group of people trying to survive an assault from an outside force.  The problem with that comparison is that NOTLD was intense and exciting.  The People Who Own the Dark is not.  Some Naschy fans will want to see this film because he is in it.  Unfortunately, he only has a small undeveloped role.  Overall, the film was disappointing.  The last 10 minutes were the best but unfortunately they can’t make up for the previous 84 minutes.  I would skip this one.

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